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08:31pm 21/02/2006
  This Thursday, Pizza, Politics and Power will be going on from
at the MC Ballroom~ anyone who is interested in
attending or helping out just show up at anytime between those times! There will
be FREE Pizza and Steny Hoyer, Democratic Minority Leader, will
be speaking! Spread the word !

Big Event on Campus 
11:25am 27/01/2006
USF College Democrats, in association with Bulls for
Davis and P.R.I.D.E. Alliance are planning an event on campus (sponsored by the
DNC) called: Pizza, Politcs and Power, Thursday, Feb.
  We are planning to have a large amount of representatives from
the Democratic party who are currently going to be running in November of 2006
attending both from local and national level. There is going to be a special
speaker, Steny Hoyer, the Democratic Whip! Congressman
Jim Davis,
who is also running for
Governor of the state of Florida! And many more!


If you could send this around to people/organizations
who might be interested in volunteering or being at this event (tabling etc)
please email either myself at: akoutsog@mail.usf.edu or Maja Lacevic at
usfdemocrats@gmail.com . This is
going to potentially be a NATIONALLY covered event! More
details to come!
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Jim Davis sighting... 
12:33am 27/12/2005
mood: tired
So I work at MOSI, and Jim Davis came up to my window today. It was great. I said to him, "By the way, I totally support you, and good luck to you." And he says, "That's great! Go to my website and sign up for newsletters." And I told him, "I'm signed up for a couple of things online through USF." And he's like, "That's fantastic! Have a great day!"

So even though worked sucked today, that was awesome.
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Internship Oppurtunity 
09:15am 14/11/2005

Want to get involved with the

Jim Davis for Governor Campaign?

On and Off Campus Opportunities

About Jim Davis

As a former leader in the state house and now in the US Congress, Jim has
worked hard for issues important to students. He’s currently leading the
Democratic Primary in the polls and in money raised, and is committed to running
a strong campaign statewide.

Off campus

Rep. Jim Davis is looking for interns to get involved with his campaign for
Governor. This is a great opportunity to get involved early with a large and
exciting statewide campaign. 

--Strong communications skills

--Can-do attitude

--Responsible and reliable

--Willingness to learn

--Ability to make a regular commitment of 5-25 hours per week. Opportunities
are also available for individuals who can not make a regular commitment.

--Interest in a political campaign and Democratic politics

--Willingness to learn and develop campaign skills

--Campus organizing experience a plus

The campaign will work with students to obtain credit for the experience.
Please send resumes to sanderkirk@hotmail.com. In your email and/over cover
letter, please note how many hours you’re interested in working and your

On campus

Several students have expressed an interest in organizing a presence for the
campaign on campus. We’d like to work with students who want to get

Do you want to get involved with the campaign on campus? Please email Kirk at

10:04am 12/11/2005

we have a website!
Bulls for Davis Table at Bull Market 
08:00pm 06/11/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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01:18pm 19/10/2005
  Firstly any new memebers to this group that aren't on my mailing list via email let me know so i can put you on it! My email is akoutsog@mail.usf.edu.

So I guess as of right now I need everyone to tell me what days and times would be best for them to stop by and help man a table on campus so that I can get the money and also get it arranged with events to get a table there and talk to colelge of arts and sciences and get it approved. Also if you could write me back and tell me what you think would be the better choice:
-cookies/baked goods: $1 for 2 cookies, $1 a muffin, etc.
-pizza- $2 a slice
coffee- free
-soda- .50 cents a can
-juice- .25 cents a cup (like fruit punch stuff)

anyways let me know ASAP!

I know I can do a table:
Mondays/Wednesdays: in lieu of comnig to the office
Tues/Thurs: after 4pm
Fridays: available

so if you can just write me back telling me something like this that would be great! thanks!

Now that we have a room and all of that, I guess the next meeting we are going to elect officers officially. The positions available are: Vice President, Secretary and Historian.
According to the constitution (which I cannnot send ther revised version at the moment since I don't have that disk with me unfortunately and which I had copies to pass out last night but totally forgot about ) the positions entail the following:
Vice president: shall step in and take over ther responsibilities of the President when the President is unavailable or when the President requests them too.
Secreatary: will keep track of all affairs and events the club is currently in or in the process of; will keep track of all memebers contact information.
Historian: will take notes at meeting to keep a record of what happend at every meeting.

If you are interested in "running" for any of these positions let me know. And I might just conduct a vote via email or what not. Remember, it would always look good on a resume AND I would need these ppl to attend meetings regularly.
next meeting 
01:57pm 12/09/2005
  The next meeting to talk a little more about ideas we can do as an organization is going to be held THIS Wednesday in the Marshall Center at 8pm. At the time we are just saying it is to be held in the lobby, although we are in the process of trying to reserve a room.

if you can spread the word!
Hurricane Katrina help... 
01:19am 05/09/2005
  Hey guys, if you didn't already know, the St. Pete Times Forum is accepting donations 24/7 until sometime this week or next (the next six days is what Bay News 9 said). They are in need of the following items:
non-perishable canned food
bottled water
baby food and diapers
hygiene products
first aid kits
pet food

I know we're all poor college students, but nothing can compare to what they are going thru, I know you know that. I just wanted to put the word out there so that you can help if you can.

To read the BN9 article, go here.

First entree! 
12:07am 01/09/2005
  Hi there everyone.. this journal is for/about/created for Students for Jim Davis at USF...
if you are interested in joining this group~ please go for it!

We will post announcements such as meeting times and locations and events that we will be having...

some ideas we have on the table so far are:

~ Hurricane Katrina relief fundraiser
~ meeting September 14th, 8pm in the Marshall Center
~ more to come!!