Optimistic Pessimist (firesparks8) wrote in usf_jimdavis06,
Optimistic Pessimist

Big Event on Campus

USF College Democrats, in association with Bulls for
Davis and P.R.I.D.E. Alliance are planning an event on campus (sponsored by the
DNC) called: Pizza, Politcs and Power, Thursday, Feb.
  We are planning to have a large amount of representatives from
the Democratic party who are currently going to be running in November of 2006
attending both from local and national level. There is going to be a special
speaker, Steny Hoyer, the Democratic Whip! Congressman
Jim Davis,
who is also running for
Governor of the state of Florida! And many more!


If you could send this around to people/organizations
who might be interested in volunteering or being at this event (tabling etc)
please email either myself at: akoutsog@mail.usf.edu or Maja Lacevic at
usfdemocrats@gmail.com . This is
going to potentially be a NATIONALLY covered event! More
details to come!
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